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The purpose of this site is to raise awareness of the need to archive audio and video recordings which contain your family history. Of prime importance is everything on magnetic media, such as audio cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, and all home video tapes. They are deteriorating over time. Some of it may not be playable now. Not only is magnetic media degrading, but the equipment and expertise needed to retrieve those aging recordings is becoming increasingly more difficult to find.   Still and moving pictures which exist on film (including negatives) can last considerably longer than your magnetic media when properly stored, but they should be inspected periodically and eventually migrated to the digital realm as well. Wire recordings have an unknown life expectancy. The recording medium was very fine stainless steel wire. I have played wire recordings made in the 1940’s and they played just fine. I can’t say the same for audio tapes recorded from the mid 1970’ to mid 1990’s. So, while wire recordings are indeed magnetic recordings, the lifespan appears to differ greatly from those recordings made on acetate or polyester tape. That said, I would suggest migrating those wire recordings to the digital realm as soon as possible. Yes, I do specialize in saving and restoring your old family audio recordings, including private collections and public institutions. I don’t use the term “We” because I’m usually it. I’m the one you talk to and the one who does the work, one job at a time. I don’t make a living at it. Basically, I restore old family recordings more for the love of doing it and helping people, than money. If needed, I will bring in my son to help. Wes is an accomplished Classical Guitarist with a Bachelors degree in music and we enjoy “talking shop”. Wes is well versed in the transfer and archival of obsolete recorded media.   I have been a professional Audio Engineer for 45+ years. I have specialized in the restoration and archival of every aspect of audio recordings for the last 25 years. I felt it was time to share some of my knowledge and experience with those who can use it most. Rather than go into a lengthy list of equipment, let me simply say that I can play just about every consumer format used for the last 100 years or so.   If you have an old analogue family recording, chances are I can transfer and restore it for you. This also includes some of the more recent but obsolete digital audio formats such as DAT, Mini-disc and Sony F-1. I also maintain a couple of legacy PC’s which allows me to recover data from several obsolete formats including 3-1/2” and 5-1/4” floppies, Jazz, Zip and several others. Please check out the links page for links to those who provide transfer and restoration services throughout the US and Canada if you would like to find a vendor that is geographically closer to you. About this site This site is more informational than promotional. After the Useful Information  pages, where I write more in-depth about  what it takes to enjoy and digitally transfer records and tapes in the event you want to get involved at the hobby level. There is information about managing your collection plus other informative stuff about digital file formats. The Links page is designed to help you get help, find a vendor, or learn more about what you may have. Finally, I have put together some simple Glossaries that are specific to records, tapes, and some general audio terminology. It is the Glossaries, Links and Useful Information pages that are ever changing. So stop by once in awhile for a visit. ENJOY! © Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
<<IF>> You are here because of recent water or smoke damage, please visit the SpecsBros website for what to do for recently damaged media. More links to disaster recovery sites are on my links page
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